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Johann Hübner

Türchau 1688 -
Hamburg 1731

Johannes Hübner was born in Türchau near Zittau on April 15, 1688. Hübner was educated at the Zittau grammar school under the principal Christian Weise. From 1689 he attended the university of Leipzig, where, after he had received his master's degree in 1691, he also gave lectures in history, geography and poetry. In 1694 Johannes Hübner went to Merseburg, where he became the principal of a grammar school for 17 years, before taking over the "Johanneum" in Hamburg in 1711.
In 1704 Johannes Hübner published the first large German encyclopedia entitled "Reales Staats-, Zeitungs- und Conversationslexikon", which was followed by the volumes "Curieuse Natur-Kunst-Gewerk und Handlungs-Lexicon" in 1712 and 1714. The "Biblische Historien", which contained104 woodcuts were published by Johannes Hübner in 1714.
They were read throughout Germany and even translated into various other languages. Johannes Hübner was known as a committed teacher and rendered outstanding services to geography and religious education. During his lifetime he not only published further texts and books on religious and geographical issues, but also on subjects like literature and general knowledge.
Johannes Hübner died on May 21, 1731 in Hamburg aged 53.

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